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Emily (Sturlaugson)Kristjanson 

Congratulations goes to the people of Mountain who started this project that many from the area were skeptical about.  It is understandable that you would go forth as we attend the August the Duece event and witness the success of such an undertaking for a few people.  It is amazing!!  We look forward to the actual building and hopefully we can be a part of the future "happenings" at this wonderful facility.  We are VERY proud of Sibbie's nieces, nephews and cousins who are so instrumental in this effort!
Emily & Sibbie

Jane Kristjanson Pedersen 


Our entire family is so excited to see all the positive changes happening in Mountain and surrounding areas!  I'm very proud that my Thorfinnson cousins have stuck around and have been making a difference in the lives of people in the area.  Can't wait to come back for another Deuce celebration!

Loretta Bernhoft 


NEWS FLASH---Work has begun on the Mountain Community Center!    Watch for further updates!!

Joe Brown 

My father (Joe Brown Sr.) was born in Mountain and graduated from Mountain High School in 1943 (if I recall correctly).  I live in Mason, OH.  Last time I was in ND was in 1989 for a Brown Cleary reunion in Cavalier.  I  hope to visit again someday.

Emily Aos 

I am Leone (Benson) Mitchell's youngest granddaughter. She grew up in Mountain, ND (On the hill). I've heard many many stories from there, but have only made it up there a few times, hope to go again this summer! My cousin's are the only ones married inside the church on the hill!
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