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Anita Hovland 

What a wonderful welcome we received at the Community Connect forum held in your new center April 30th! Very impressive.  You have so much to be proud of and I wish you continued success, especially in the soon-to-be-open cafe.

We also had a great time later at the Lost Hwy Bar - can't wait to come and dance on the patio! (I'm curious, however, as to why the CC Forum wasn't promoted on this website? You're missing a wonderful resource for marketing...)

Brad Hannesson 


Haven't been to mountain since I was a Kid, but I still have very fond memories of going to the parade to see the viking ship with my grandfather.

Loretta Bernoft 


It's exciting to see the walls up for the community center and fire hall!  Looking forward to seeing the rafters up soon!  Thanks for the tremendous support we have received from near and far!

Sharlene Byron (Aldrich) 


What a wonderful project. I was born and raised in Mountain, My parents were Mike and Runa (Jonina) Byron. Going through the pictures has brought back many wonderful memories of my childhood. The best of wishes for a very successful project.

Jack Richards 

In difficult economic times for the nation and Iceland, your actions are an encouraging word and witness.  We wish you well.
And...with Boeing making continued decisions to move many jobs out of the Puget Sound region, you might want to offer an Amnesty/Welcome Back Program for the many Icelanders that migrated out here over the years.

We know that Ted and Gisela Wege enjoyed their "Mountain Family."  Though thoroughly German, I think they thought of themselves as honorary Vikings.  Joneen and I also will continue to cherish warm memories of the Mountain/Pembina Hills Pairsh area.
Pastor Jack  and Joneen Richards
Everett, WA

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